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  - FRP Antenna
Our FRP Pultruded products

Our FRP Pultruded products are "Moisture & Cracks free" due to preheating by RF Dryer.

We use Radio Frequency Dryer for preheating of glass fiber & Resin Mix, before wet mix of glass fiber & resin enters in to heated die. It is heated in RF dryer Machine Between 90 to 95 oC  (Below the temperature at which exhothermic reaction starts). Due to this moisture is removed in RF Dryer before Entering in to heated die.

It RF dryer is not used, the moisture will start coming out from  “ Glass fiber & resin “ mix in heated die. This moisture will create cracks, while moving from center to outer surface of the section. Also the non- removal of moisture in totality will create poor electrical insulation property.

Preheating by RF Dryer improves surface quality of finished product, avoid burning and color changing of final product.

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