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Fiberglass Sheet Epoxy Grade
Based on epoxy resin and fiberglass reinforcement, various grades of laminates are manufactured to NEMA G-10 and G-11 standards. Also, with the stringent requirement of high tracking resistance (KA3C) and high di-electric strength in view, special type laminates are offered for MV Switchgear applications. Similarly, fire-retardant grade laminates are offered for specific applications. These are available in standard sizes, in the thickness range of 0.4 mm - 60 mm & above. Of course, extra - long Sheets / strips of more than 2400 mm, without joints, are also offered for coil support in Generators. A wide range of Laminates made out of fiberglass CSM and woven fabric bonded with Epoxy or Polyester resins are offered for a variety of applications. These are made to EP2 / EP3 and GPO1/ GPO2 / GPO3 as per Indian standard IS1O192-1982
Parameter :
Material Tested:
Glass epoxy sheet EP 3 Grade / Nima G10 grade
Type of Test:
  1. Cross breaking strength
  2. Cross breaking strength
  3. Compressive Strength
  4. Tensile Strength
  5. Shear Strength
  6. Water Absorption
  7. Temperature limit
Test method:
IS: 10192-82, Ep3 Grade, Neema L1 Grade
No Item Specifications
1 Compressive Strength (N/mm▓) 5-12 mm thick sample 400
2 Cross breaking Strength (N/mm▓) >350
3 Tensile Strength (N/mm▓) >280
4 Shear Strength (N/mm▓) >100
5 Water Absorption 0.75%
6 Temperature Limit 160░
7 Comparatrive Tracking index >250 Volts
8 Breakdown Volage (4mm Sheet) (Flat Wise) 14 KV / mm
9 Dissipation Factor at 500V 0.04
10 Insulation Resistance 10000 m ohm
Characteristics & Applications :
  1. As per NEMA Grade G-10, mechanical, electrical and electronic applications; high strength under moderate temperature; good electrical properties under high humidity.
  2. As per NEMA Grade FR-4, with high mechanical strength at room temperature, good electrical properties under dry and humidity conditions, flame retardant, suitable for mechanical, electrical and electronic applications.
  3. As per NEMA Grade G-11, with high strength at room temperature and 150 ║, good electrical properties under dry and humidity conditions, used for making insulating parts in electrical, electronic and other industries.
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